Fabrizio & Sokline

Sokline and Fabrizio, two souls from different worlds, met thanks to a wonderful twist of fate. She, a young American au pair in a small village in the Bologna area, and he, an Italian passionate about American culture, got to know each other in the streets of this little town, united by the desire to share and learn. From that first encounter in a blue Clio, their love story blossomed, allowing them to overcome distances and challenges. The ceremony, set in the stunning backdrop of the Olive Grove by the lake, attended by friends and family, was a tribute to their union, featuring both fun and touching moments, highlighted by their vows of eternal love. The following photos capture the beauty and emotion of this special day: from the looks full of sentiment and complicity that speak for themselves, each image tells a chapter of this extraordinary day.

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Photos: Two lovers with a camera

Patrick & Stephanie

Patrick and Stephanie, from Luxembourg, chose Palazzo di Varignana to celebrate their wedding.

Two days before, we celebrated their little son with a naming ceremony involving relatives and closest friends, where the little cousins had played a special role.

Now is their day. Many guests are there, and important symbols have been designed together to convey an intimate message.
The ritual of the stone aroused both emotion and laughter.
An intervention by their best friends touched them deeply.
Their story is full of meaningful details to share with their guests.

So much emotion, so many tears, so much joy, so much participation.

Thanks to Hakuna Matata Wedding for the beautiful photo

Diego & Giuliana

Diego and Giuliana wanted a very private and intimate ceremony. They wanted it to be in a very special place. They wanted a very personal ceremony, based on their story. A trip to Italy was the perfect occasion to mark this very special trip with a very special moment, that they would have kept in their hearts forever. This corner of Palazzo di Varignana offered the perfect background. A very Autumn day offered intense perfumes, colors, and a unique atmosphere for an extremely romantic ceremony.

Just the two of them, the photographer and myself. The photographer was like a bird, flying around without disturbing the atmosphere. I felt like a messenger at the service of their intimacy, talking about them, their deep love, their complicity. It was as if we were in a bubble, totally immersed in the fairytale atmosphere, out of time and space, just living that very moment with the maximum intensity.

How great was the emotion of Diego watching Giuliana slowly walking towards him! How touching was Giuliana’s smile when Diego put the ring on her finger! And how strong was their tight hug while dancing their song, at the end of the ceremony! It was lovely seeing how full of them was that space. How their love, their gazes, and their standing hands in hands made their ceremony incredibly intense.

Charles & Charlie Ann

Charles and Charlie Ann, from the United Kingdom, came to Italy with their delightful daughter and their closest relatives and friends to celebrate their wedding in the green hills of Romagna.

It had rained until a few hours before, then, little by little, the clouds cleared. “Less is more” was their watchword. Without frills, with few decorations. They wanted to focus on the ceremony and its value, on the participation of their guests in that memorable day. And so it was. Lots of smiles, applauses, hugs. Their big day, their “I do” together with those who love them deeply, just as they had dreamed.

Photos: Arianna Sansavini

Daan & Rosa

Daan and Rosa, from the Netherlands, decided to get married in Italy, in Illasi, a town where they had an emotional bond.

They needed an interpreter, but not only that. They wanted their wedding to speak about them, about their union which involved their friends and relatives, with a special moment devoted to their little one, who was still too young to wear wedding rings but happily observed his mum and dad doing something that, for sure, must have seemed beautiful to him!

The mayor’s delegate was pleased to accept to give us the space to make such a special couple happy.

It was a rainy day in May, but it didn’t matter. It was everything as Daan and Rosa had dreamed.

Jon & Nara

Jon and Nara, from the United Kingdom, wanted to celebrate their wedding in Montegridolfo, a 14th-century Malatesta castle on the beautiful hills of Romagna.

Over the months, great harmony and complicity had grown between us that it was natural to build their ceremony around them. The mayor welcomed our request to enrich the civil ceremony with many details, which made Jon and Nara’s wedding ceremony so different from a purely bureaucratic and impersonal one, as often happens with the civil rite officiated only by the person of the Municipality (who, not knowing the spouses and not spending time with them, cannot make this moment so unique). Their story was funny, and their guests enjoyed it and had great fun.

It was their ceremony, tailored to their desires, cheerful, engaging, and lively.

Sergio & Nicola

Sergio and Nicola came from Canada to get married in Italy. It seemed impossible. Firstly, Covid forced us to postpone the ceremony for a year, then for another year. But in the end, we did it. A powerful and unexpected rainstorm forced us to take shelter inside, and we all gathered a little closer around the bride and groom.


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