After finishing my studies, I worked internationally in marketing and communication.

For about twenty years, I have been organizing events worldwide until several years ago, when I landed in the fabulous world of weddings!

I trained in the United States as a wedding planner and founded the Italian Dream Weddings agency. Since then, I have organized many weddings, especially for foreign couples, and more often celebrating them.

To increase my skills in this field, I trained as a public speaker, wedding editor, and celebrant. With great satisfaction, I passed the exam and am now certified Celebrant according to UNI standards.

I have been carrying out this profession for several years with great satisfaction, thanks to the appreciation of my couples.

In addition to weddings, I celebrate naming ceremonies to introduce children to the community in total freedom from any constraint.

I am passionate about photography, theater, art, reading, and traveling.

I speak Italian, English, French, and Spanish, and I get along with German.

I am eager to put my creativity, passion for this job, and experience at the service of your dreams to make your ceremony unique and unforgettable.

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