Let the Magic happen!

I’m Carla, and I’m a wedding celebrant.

I celebrate weddings, but anything else deserves to be celebrated.

On these pages, you will find information, details, images, and stories that will convince you 

to entrust your big day to a professional and expert celebrant.

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Marriage has great emotional value, and I guarantee that the ceremony will be unique because it is designed and tailor-made for you and your love.

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I’m Carla and I want you and your guests to have an indelible memory of your wedding ceremony, which is not only “fantastic” but unique and unforgettable. 

You will not hear already heard or trivial phrases, copied quotes, but carefully studied words that speak of you, of your feelings. The ceremony is the fulcrum of that day and every moment deserves the utmost attention in its preparation.

For this reason, I love having you tell me about the crucial moments of your union, from the first glance until the day you decided to get married. And I love writing about you, sharing these emotions with your guests, and involving them because marriage is sharing joy and love.

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